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Who is suited for couples therapy?

An introduction to the key elements

to Emotionally focused therapy:

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Couples therapy tends to have the greatest benefit for couples that want to remain together, but that are trapped in a dysfunctional pattern. Perhaps the same conflict keeps reappearing, where one turns silent and withdrawn and the other feels rejected and frustrated at the lack of connection.


Perhaps you live in a parallel, lonely cohabitation where you slowly grow apart in the daily grind.

Perhaps you have become silent and find it difficult to communicate. Perhaps you have even started to consider ending the relationship, without really wanting things to be over.

If this is the case, it is time to come in for counselling.

Most men prefer to sort out their own problems and fint it difficult to attend counselling sessions, but they are particularly welcome here.

If either of you have already decided to leave the relationship, it is better to seek help at Familievernkontoret.

Should your relationship issues stem from physical or psychological violence, you need to contact ATV or Familievernkontoret.

Certified couples therapist

For the last 16 years, Preben has worked as a couples therapist and has completed further education in the leading methods in couples therapy.


Preben is certified in Emotion-focused couples therapy (EFT), and is the first to start a private practice in this field in Rogaland.


My goal is to contribute to a safe, respectful
and appreciative contact between people.
Preben is Danish and has taken further education in family therapy and gestalt psychotherapy.

He has been an assistant for Hedy Schleifer, at Encounter-centered Couples Therapy™, and received EFT training under SEFT with Dimitrij Kielland Samoilow.

Preben works at the Centre for next-of-kin of and carers. He also serves as an instructor on various cohabitation courses.

The practice is open every Friday between 10:00 and 17:30.

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Preben Wolf

Availability from
August 1. 2022

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My rates and services:

The focus of the first session is to get an overview.

This is the starting point for sessions where we identify trigger points, patterns of interaction and underlying emotions.

900 kr

Preliminary session
1 hour

I highly recommend this package, since it takes time to identify each couple's pattern of interaction and communication.

1100 kr

Package deal
6 sessions
(price per session)

Couples therapy is best suited for couples that want to be together, but that are stuck in a negative pattern.

More than one session is usually required to effect change. 

1300 kr

Single consultation
1 hour

If you have far to travel or prefer to remain at home, I can offer online therapy.

I use both  Zoom and Teams, and will send you a meeting invitation.

1300 kr

Digital consultation
55 minutes

All rates include taxes.

Leaves Shadow

– a cohabitation course

This is a cohabitation course particularly suited for couples that have been together long enough to have a familiar pattern of conflicts.

All couples are made up of two individuals. These will always have differences in personality and other dissimilarities that tend to remain fairly constant. This leads to a few conflicts or challenges that do not change. They cannot be resolved once and for all in the same way that we resolve one-time conflicts through constructive discussion and negotiation. Recent research suggests that the majority of cohabitation challenges are of the unresolvable variety.

The course emphasizes:

  • strengthening the sense of unity and everyday affection.

  • presenting strategies that can aid in conquering negative emotion, irritation, conflict and differences in personality.

  • an insight into the building blocks of a good relationship.

  • an insight into how to maintain passion and sexuality in long-term relationships.

Many couples can intuitively handle their differences. Some can even see them as a source of banter and a sustained curiosity in each other. For these couples, the differences arent perceived as a threat against the relationship, but rather as an opportunity to further their knowledge of each other and their sense of security, unity and intimacy.

The course is based primarily on research-backed information and systematic feedback from couples and counsellors.


Get in touch:

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Todwolf@gmail.com  |  Tel: 951 69 916

Org: 922 081 247

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NB: Any cancellations must be made
at least 24 hours in advance.

Thank you!

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