WHY AND WHO SHOULD CHOOSE COUPLE CONVERSATION? If one of you has already decided to leave the relationship, you should probably choose conversations at the Family Welfare Office. And Couple conversations have the best effect for couples who want to be together, but are locked in a bad pattern, maybe it is the same conflict you get into every time. where one becomes silent and withdraws and the other feels rejected and frustrated at losing contact. Maybe you live a parallel lonely cohabitation where you have slowly grown apart in everyday chores. Maybe it has become silent and difficult to communicate, maybe you have started thinking about going separately, but do not really want to. Then it's time to come to us! And If the cohabitation problems are due to mental or physical violence, you must go to ATV or the Family Welfare Office.

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GOOD KNOWLEDGE.. We often have good knowledge of our own history and our own unmet needs. And although we are not always aware of them, we are rarely in doubt when we are activated. We answer. We are shopping. We defend ourselves with struggle, flight or silence. This creates the basic preconditions for conflict in cohabitation. And Often, however, we do not have knowledge of the reason why our partner reacts with frustration to things that we do not pay much attention to. And


WHAT WE SOMETIMES DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ABOUT ... … Is how we - in the midst of the heat from the battle's survival reactions - approach each other - and use it as an opportunity to get to know each other better - and thus get in touch and presence instead of distance and conflicts. If we do not handle disagreements in a useful and responsible way, we risk consequences such as unrest, distance, sadness, bad mood and eventually separation.


CONFLICTS ARE DEVELOPMENT THAT IS TRYING TO TAKE PLACE "HEDY SCHLEIFER The essence is that the more aware we become of our own, and the other's reactions, the greater the opportunity to develop the relationship. What we especially focus on in couples therapy is: THE SPACE BETWEEN YOU.

So it is not so much you or your partner, but especially the common space you create, and which your children - live and breathe in, that we want to work with in couples therapy. Read more about how emotion-focused couples therapy can increase awareness of your and your partner's emotional reactions.



.. Through research, Dr. John Gottman has found that 69% of our marital problems cannot be solved because they are different as individuals, but we can learn to live with our differences in a good and non-judgmental way. He has followed more than 4,000 couples and found seven phenomena that give a good and long-lasting relationship: Read more here And

SEVEN PHENOMENES THAT ARE IMPORTANT IN PAIR RELATIONSHIPS: Knowledge of each other's worlds To cultivate admiration and joy over the other To turn to each other instead of turning away Letting your partner influence you To solve the solvable problems To overcome deadlocked issues Creating common worlds Source: John Gottman, "The Seven Principles of Success in Marriage"