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The center offers EFT couple therapy and cohabitation courses in Stavanger. The center is founded by couple therapist / family therapist Preben Wolf.

Preben has worked with couples therapy for the past 16 years and has trained in the leading couples therapy methods - Preben is working to be certified in 2021 in Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), as the first private practitioner in Rogaland.


And My goal is to contribute to a safe, respectful and appreciative contact between people.                         


                                       And See how I work here

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Preben Wolf has worked at the Family Couselling Office in Stavanger for 16 years and is now employed at the Relatives' Center in Stavanger.

Preben is a Danish and has taken further education in family therapy and gestalt psychotherapy.

He is working to become certified as an EFT partner therapist in 2021.

Preben has been an assistant for Hedy Schleifer and Encounter couple therapy and EFT education under SEFT with Dimitrij Kielland Samoilow.

Preben is an instructor on various cohabitation courses.

And Practice is open:

Tuesdays at 16: 30-17: 30 and

Fridays at 12: 30-18: 00 


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